1999 The foundation of the first holding company “Inshaatchı” was based on the idea of offering more modern and quality dwelling designs, ranging from private residences to high-rise buildings on the market.
2002 The strategy that fully justified itself by the enlargement of the appearance of construction services on the market was followed by the foundation of “INTEKS” LTD (Fry İnshaatchı); JSC. Simultaneously, the holding founded its own source of raw material – “Monolit Beton”, which satisfied the needs not only of the construction companies forming MEGA Holding but also other organizations.
2003 After the privatization of BİM-7, not only did the holding gain an important construction technology for that period, but it also inherited strong business relations and the reputation of a serious player in the real estate market.

2004 MEGA Holding founded “Yeni Inshaat” JSC by continuing the introduction of highly qualified construction structures onto the market. The “MEQA INSHAATCHI” company appeared in the same year and gained its own niche as a supplier for structural engineering. In the meantime, the company “Yol Servis” was founded as a reflection of the holding’s interests in the sphere of road infrastructure. “Yol Servis” is specialized in the production and laying of asphalt, particularly in the regions of Azerbaijan.

2005 This date should be considered the reference point of the official consolidation of the holding configuration. The single idea accompanying the activity of its participants was expressed in the registration of MEGA Holding as the structure that possesses a global view of business. The association successfully implements plans for entry into Azerbaijani regions with the complex of its services and investments projects. The construction of highways was carried out. The construction of the dwelling complexes is on the verge of completion in the regions where the holding becomes the first organization that offers real estate of a deluxe class. The concentration of MEGA Holding’s attention on the construction field, which is currently rather significant, is confirmed by the foundation of the “Işkom” company which is also involved in the real estate industry. The principal operations completely correspond to the mentioned common strategy of the holding – quality, comfort, and honesty. These postulates were also united in the conception that was founded by the holding’s own design group in 2005 – “MEGA Design”. All of the projects of Inteks MMC Proje were developed in this studio.

PHILOSOPHYThe success of our business is founded on three basic tenets. They are: QUALITY, COMFORT and HONESTY. Thanks to these firm principles, MEGA Holding has a flawless reputation of leadership.
To achieve quality and to meet the appropriate international standards, we use the most modern equipment and best materials. We study thoroughly and introduce innovatory technology and we are rightfully considered the pioneers of many modern initiatives in Azerbaijan.

But without people there is neither technology nor progress. For that very reason we rely mainly on the human factor. The principal capital of the holding is its staff. Today we have a cohesive team of qualified specialists who are able to solve problems of any complexity. The company is managed by people of the highest professionalism with the valuable management experience necessary to ensure the stable existence and development of the holding.

Our philosophy in business is GLOBALISATION. In the current conditions of global social integration we understand the responsibility that stands before us, the constructors. In building houses, we actually build our future. Our country’s appearance tomorrow depends mainly on us, today.

The holding is planning to expand its range of activity, as well as introducing a deeper approach into already existing branches. In the near future the holding is planning to construct new industrial structures. Another of its plans is to invest in non-residential buildings and explore new areas of business.