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The Holding’s main business is the construction of buildings, both residential and non-residential, including premium and deluxe class buildings, elite cottages, residential complexes, business-centres, Olympic sports complexes. Work on construction and reconstruction is carried out both in Baku and in the different regions of Azerbaijan. We act as investors, constructors and subcontractors, offering the full range of work, from planning to handover. The Holding includes 4 companies which offer construction as well as redevelopment. They are: “INTEKS”, “YENI INSHAAT”, “INSHAATCHI” and “ISHKOM”. At present, these are the country’s leading companies in the scale of residential construction, in influence upon the most important socio-economic problems and in their multifaceted impact in the sphere of city planning. Their projects are completed to the highest world standards, as is confirmed by the appropriate certification. While planning new projects, we pay special attention to their interaction with the environment. All the projects we undertake engage harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Each city or small village has its own unique identity. We endeavour not only to preserve, but also to underline the individuality of every city, of Baku, Ganja, Astara or Jalilabad. We value each of them and we understand well that it depends on us, the constructors, as to how those cities will appear tomorrow. One factor which distinguishes us from other companies is that our projects are global, both in their grandeur and in their location and scale. Following the State Program on the socio-economic development of the regions, we undertake the most ambitious projects, not only in Baku, but also in the regions. We are currently the creators of the largest projects in Azerbaijan.

One strategic area of MEGA Holding activity is its involvement in the transport infrastructure, which plays a significant role in the development of the country’s regions. The Yol Servis Company is a part of the Holding and has its own source of raw materials – an asphalt plant. The company produces and lays high quality asphalt in most regions of Azerbaijan. Its professional technical equipment and advanced scientific-research allows the company to fully meet the requirements of its customers in every aspect of the delivery of the materials necessary for the laying and recovering of road surfaces, resolving any problems that arise. The company’s garage holds the asphalt pavers, asphalt compactors and graders which enable it to respond immediately and flexibly to the needs of the market, to constantly expand its volume of production and to fulfil large-scale orders. At present it can produce up to 145 tons of asphalt per hour. And that is not all – we are steadily increasing the level and tempo of productivity, as well as the quality of the goods produced.

Concrete is, in every sense, the essential element of any construction. In the context of a construction boom, both in Baku and in the regions, the demand for concrete increases day by day. MEGA Holding has its own sources of raw materials – the Monolit Concrete plant in Baku and its Kapaz branch in Ganja, which can currently meet the demands not only of the Holding’s companies, but also those of other construction companies. We offer quality production and also quality delivery services. Thanks to our special system of technical service and our transport resources, we match the rhythm of concrete delivery; quickly and flexibly reacting to any changes in circumstances on construction sites. The high quality of continuous production at the enterprise is maintained thanks to the imported equipment, new technological solutions and quality control of production; and is confirmed by the Institute of Construction Materials.

The sale and delivery of construction equipment plays a very significant role in the activity of the Holding. The demand for construction equipment increases daily, both in Baku and in the regions, because of the development of the housing market and the growth of construction. There is special machinery for the demolishing of old buildings, tractors, cranes, excavators of different kinds, digging and loading machinery and other equipment. MEQA MAKINA is part of the Holding and is directly engaged in the sales and delivery of equipment and machinery, as well as providing service both under guarantee and post guarantee. We offer a leasing system for the sale of products, offering clients the most advantageous conditions to purchase equipment. Thanks to our advantageous leasing loans our customers can work with equipment from the top brands. MEQA MAKINA is the official distributor in Azerbaijan for DAEWOO and MASTASH, which have earned reputations as producers of reliable equipment for reasonable prices in the global market. The company also brings SHACMAN equipment to Azerbaijan, which uses the latest MAN technology. We also service the equipment that we offer, undertaking repairs, both under guarantee and post guarantee; we also offer delivery of the parts required. The main criterion of any sale is the quality of the product sold. It is no coincidence that the company was awarded the UGUR prize in 2007, given the Sign of Quality in the category: Sales of Automobiles and Construction Equipment. 

Modern design, adopting the latest trends and bold architectural solutions, is the main reason for the high ratings given to the Holding’s projects and the high demand for the properties it produces. This aspect of the Holding’s business is realized by the MEGA Design Company. While designing the interiors of ordinary apartments, offices, cottages or business centres, the company’s specialists are guided by the tastes and requirements of the modern customer who appreciates innovation and originality of design in combination with comfort. Our designers and planners develop unique projects of interior design for premises in different styles and colour solutions, offering our customers interiors in Classic, Modern, Baroque, Hi-Tech, Rustic, Minimalist and other styles. The full range of lighting, technical equipment, furniture, decorative detail and the provision of original compositions, artistic paintings etc. are designed to suit the particular premises. Exercising professionalism at all levels of the project, we guarantee the quality and accept responsibility for all finished work. The architectural projects currently realized by the company are distinguished for their originality, grandeur of conception and range of creative imagination. We may simply point to several examples – the Green Park, Green Palace, Ganja-Buta and Ganja-Chinar complexes and the Olympic Complexes in Astara and Jalilabad… None of them are similar – each one is original and worthy of any megapolis anywhere in the world. 

The constant growth of business and the exploration of new spheres of activity are the main principles behind the work of the Holding. One such new direction is a system for the automated sale of various goods – the vending business. Having established the AzVen Company as part of the Holding, we laid the basis for vending business in Azerbaijan. Today, the company successfully delivers different vending machines to its customers, from cold and hot drinks, to wrapped food, cigarettes and telephone cards. As well as the distribution of vending machines, we can supply the contents necessary for the machines and also provide technical support to customers. The proliferation of vending machines is proof of their undoubted benefit. For the businessman it is a highly profitable source of income and, for users, it is a very simple and convenient way of buying tea, coffee and other goods. The popularity of vending machines, which are seen more and more not only in big offices, but also in trade centres, hypermarkets, banks and various other enterprises, is proof of the prospects for this new direction. 

Besides the sales and delivery of equipment, the ASC BIM-7 (Baku Specialized Mechanic Administration) which is part of the Holding offers almost any kind of equipment – tower cranes, heavy construction techniques, loading and digging machinery, tractors, excavators etc. The company also offers the servicing of any kind of construction equipment. The wide range of services in the sphere of construction machinery and equipment, from sales to leasing and servicing, allows the company to respond flexibly to the demands of the construction market..